About Earthaven Membership

We’re seeking emotionally mature, cooperative people of all kinds to join us in creating our sustainable ecovillage dream — including (but not limited to) entrepreneurs, organic growers and raisers of livestock, people with mechanical and engineering skills, healers, artists, and families with children.

”  . . .    This may be the most propitious moment in history to join an intentional community.”—Richard Heinberg, Peak Oil activist and author of The Party’s Over and PowerDown, in his Foreword to Diana Leafe Christian’s book, Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community.

NOTE: Earthaven is in the process of updating our foundation documents with the goal that each neighborhood will be a housing cooperative or similar entity and these residential areas will jointly share the rest of the land and common facilities as lot owners in the Earthaven Homeowners Association. As part of this structural update, there will be changes to terminology, procedures, and fees. The information below may, therefore, need adjusting when the restructuring process is completed.

1. What are Earthaven’s membership categories?

A. Neighborhoods. Each type of neighborhood at Earthaven will define membership differently. For a housing cooperative, a member is a shareholder with a residential site and unit. Neighborhoods organized as nonprofits or LLCs will define membership differently.

B. Earthaven Community Association membership. A person interested in Earthaven will go through an educational and orientation process conducted by the related nonprofit, the Earthaven Community Association (ECA). There are several options for membership in the ECA.

Supporting Membership was created so people can support and feel connected to Earthaven, and get to know the community better. Some supporting members live at Earthaven as a first step to explore possible membership.

Supporting Members sign the ReMembership Covenant and Liability Waiver, and contribute dues on a sliding scale of $120—$200 for a year (or $60—$100 for six months). They can camp at Earthaven for free for a week for each six months of supporting membership, and at discounted rates thereafter. They receive the Earthaven Newsletter, are emailed the calendar of community events, and can attend Council and committee meetings as an observer. (Under certain circumstances, a Supporting Member can also serve on committees.) They can live at Earthaven temporarily as a non-member resident.

Exploring Membership usually comes between Supporting and Provisional Membership. An Exploring Member lives at Earthaven in order to get to know community members and practices, while exploring whether to make a long-term commitment. All non-member resident fees and community service obligations apply to Exploring Members. During their first year, exploring Members give four hours per week of community service to approved projects; after the first year, the requirement is reduced to three hours per week.

Provisional Membership is the last step on the way to Full Membership. It’s a six-month or longer period during which a Supporting Member can better understand what Full Membership in Earthaven means, and community members can get to know and assess the Provisional Member better.

Full Membership. Full Members (“members”) can live here and enjoy our beautiful mountain forest and our village social life. They take physical, cultural, and financial responsibility for developing our aspiring ecovillage — a decades-long, maybe lifelong, ecological and cultural project. As a Full Member you can live at Earthaven in a neighborhood that has accepted you to join, or you can live elsewhere.

2. What are a Full Earthaven Member’s rights and privileges?

  • Enjoy our beautiful mountain forest setting and the social life of our village.
  • Help build Earthaven ecovillage over time with other like-minded people.
  • Access to all Earthaven common land and facilities.
  • Attend Council Meetings, participate in discussion, and be counted for quorum. Have a voice in Council decisions;
  • Draft proposals for Council (usually through a committee); receive all Council and committee minutes, by email or posted, and all inter-community discussion on email; receive the Earthaven Newsletter; participate in community processes and events.
  • Live on-site. The different neighborhoods have different options for building, buying, or renting. You can also live off-site.
  • If you wish, own and operate a business here, and/or an agricultural project.
  • Have an indoor cat or dog, or one confined to your homesite. You cannot have a free-ranging cat or dog unless you get explicit Council permission.

3. What are a Full Earthaven Member’s responsibilities?

  • Abide by all Earthaven agreements and policies, as outlined in documents, Council Decisions, and committee decisions.
  • Contribute 1,500 hours (or their monetary equivalent) of community service in the first ten years of membership, with fifty hours a year minimum.
  • Be accepted to join a neighborhood at Earthaven.
  • Pay annual fees and assessments, through your neighborhood. These include (1) Dues and fees that currently range from about $800 to $1,100 a year, depending on the facilities you use and whether you have a car on the land and (2) a property tax assessments for your personal buildings. Additional food and upkeep fees apply if you use the Hut Hamlet Kitchen or Bath.

4. What about my partner?
Membership at Earthaven is individual. Your partner can also apply for Provisional Membership or seek a non-member resident status (and apply for Provisional Membership later). If your partner didn’t also want to become a Full Earthaven Member, they might consider becoming an associate member or a long-term resident.

5. What about my children?
If you have children who will live with you at Earthaven, their behavior and any special needs will be taken into account when we consider your membership. In other words, we would want to feel good about your children too.

6. What about my dog or cat?
It’s possible to have a dog or cat at Earthaven; however, we do have restrictions on pets. While Full Members may have dogs or cats on their homesites under certain conditions, a Provisional Member who wants to bring a pet to Earthaven during the Provisional Membership period would have to get special permission first, and such a request may or may not be granted. After becoming a Full Member, the person’s pet would be considered for acceptance at Earthaven separately from the person, and the pet’s behaviors and impact on the community would be taken into consideration. If there are no concerns about the pet, there might be a provisional term for the pet as well.

Become a Supporting Member of Earthaven

  • Support our work to create a demonstration and model ecovillage.
  • Receive emailed Earthaven newsletters and a twice-monthly Calendar.
  • Enjoy two weeks free camping per year (one week for the six-month membership).
  • Attend community events and Council Meetings as an observer.

Supporting Members sign the ReMembership Covenant and contribute dues on a sliding scale of $120—$200 for a year (or $60—$100 for six months).

To become a supporting member, click here.