Cabin in Hut Hamlet for Sale

Furnished off the grid cabin with 300 square-foot footprint, and approximately 125 square-foot loft. Framing materials were sourced from trees felled by horse loggers in the high sloped area of the Hamlet hillside, then processed using a portable sawmill. Great care was taken in sourcing and recycling local materials during the completion of the Sipapu Hut.
Other assets:
-outdoor porch
-Hamlet questionnaire process to live at and have access to shared *co-op amenities
-water is sourced from an outside water catchment system, and water pump, or can be sourced from the community kitchen
-landscaping has been done around the hut to include some edible plants. There is ample room for gardening, and an ideal space for mushroom logs. (Hamlet map available).
-small rustic wood/storage shed
-a small solar panel provides limited lighting. Greater access to electricity and lighting is available in the community kitchen, or minimal arrangements can be made with awesome neighbors to occasionally run an extension cord to the cabin.
-parking available near the cabin, or across community footbridge.
Cabin rental cost:
-$20/night (2 week minimum), $325/month with 3-month lease, plus $20/month shared bathhouse and kitchen usage fee)
-Hut purchase: $27,500 and *Neighborhood Share: $2500 (recoverable  through future sale)
-ECA cost for buyers: $8000, (Unless joining membership is complete, instead $5000), and 1500 hours of festive labor contribution over the first 10 years of Earthaven membership.
Total purchase has owner financing available with 50% down, and $300/month payments over a 5-year period.
New prospective renters/buyers are encouraged to take a Saturday tour before inquiring, and to read and study the Earthaven website:
* common shared areas with full access: Hut Hamlet kitchen, bath house, root cellar, kitchen Annex, compost toilet, storage barn, and free store. Village Arts Building and greenhouse are common areas currently leased by hamlet members.
Sipapu is a Hopi word for a small hole or indentation in the floor of a kiva or pithouse. Kivas were used by the Ancestral Puebloans, and are still used today. The sipapu symbolizes the portal through which their ancient ancestors first emerged to enter the present world. Moreover, The Hopi Sacred Stories explain that this is the hole in which the first peoples of this world entered. As “They” stepped outside of the “Sipapu”, they changed from lizard-like beings into homo sapiens, or human form. It is from this point that the “First Peoples” of the Earth began to divide and separate, creating differing tribes along the first journeys of the first humans.


Contact for inquiries is Tara Tieman: 828-273-3775,