Medicine Wheel Neighborhood

Medicine Wheel Neighborhood at Earthaven Ecovillage – presently stewarded by three members – intends to grow to around 25 adults and children. The neighborhood consists of an off-grid, three-storey, mostly-finished, ten-bedroom house; a small cabin and several outbuildings; plus gardens, ponds, orchards and 11 acres of forest.

If Earthaven has a radical fringe – that’s us. At Medicine Wheel, we are consciously trying on new cultural memes, and practicing them in our daily lives – things like radical recycling, relanguaging, de-plastic-ing, collective ownership, and political action as spiritual path. And, due to the never-ending tasks involved in building a demonstration Permaculture home site, the place is often not as tidy as we’d like it to be.

Life at Medicine Wheel provides the opportunity to live and learn low tech, low cost sustainability with Permaculture teachers and practitioners, every day. Some of our “light footprint” practices are:

  • local, seasonal vegetarian diet
  • composting toilets
  • composting paper trash, old books, clothing, . . . all things organic
  • roof-water and spring water catchment systems
  • wood heat, and no heat in bedrooms
  • no pets [though we’re looking for a small rodent-chasing dog to become a member of the garden team]
  • We are looking for new members to join our household – people with a passionate desire to create regenerative culture; people who have realized that the work of the present generation is to create the sustainable systems that we weren’t given as our birthright, so that the next generations can be born into a sustainable culture. This means a lot of hard work; we need people who choose to take on this hard work with a joyful attitude.

       To cooperatively steward the Medicine Wheel neighborhood – all land, buildings, utilities, and agricultural production – as permanent human habitat for 20 – 30 people.
        To demonstrate eco-spiritual sustainability by our daily lifestyles.
       To live as sustainably as possible – protecting the forest, water, and soil – while providing as much food and medicines for humans as possible.
        To design Medicine Wheel House as a neighborhood common house with living space for some members, and as a major producer of water and electricity.
        To create up to a dozen very small huts on MWC land, owned and built by MWC. Neighborhood ownership will allow members the opportunity to live in whatever cabin or portion of the house seems most appropriate for each member in each season of their lives.
        To act as a permaculture demonstration site and educational venue.

    Vision of the Future:
        Around 25 people spend most of their days at Medicine Wheel – growing and preparing food, tending children and elders and animals, chopping wood, building, repairing. At the same time, they are educating, learning, singing, gossiping, praying, exercising, discovering, playing.
        Ecospiritual seasonal celebrations accent the days.
        Some of the food, plantings, animals, child/eldercare, education, or music generates money income, and some is for trade, but most is for home use.
        Food needs are simple; mostly grazing for most of the day, with a prepared meal in the early evening. They are active, strong people. Their diet consists of vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, eggs, roots & herbs, with some pressed oils and occasional meat and dairy products bartered with neighbors.

    Interested in living at Medicine Wheel?
    There are all sorts of options and exchanges possible for staying here; as a guest, intern, work exchanger, renter or exploring member. As a resident here, you will be invited to join us in our daily lives, participating in work projects and actively engaging in preparing meals; there is no maid service at Medicine Wheel! Any other donations or help that you can offer to Medicine Wheel for its maintenance and expansion will also be appreciated.

    We’re open to members of all ages and orientations, and we would like to have a small terrier dog [with a large appetite for rodents] join us.

    So, give us a call, and we’ll see if your needs and ours will fit.