Forest Children Collective at Earthaven Ecovillage

The Forest Children performing in the “Pirates Cove” play

“The Forest Children are truly children of the earth. In our world today, unstructured free roaming play is an almost obsolete choice for many kids. Yet these children emanate a kind of light, laughter and health that reminds one of the true beauty and magic that childhood can, and should, be. They are living examples, seeds of life, and of light.”

–Amorn O’Conner, Forest Children Intern, 9 months, fall 2006 – spring 2007

What is the Forest Children Collective?
The Forest Children Collective is a group of parents living at Earthaven and the surrounding areas who have come together to provide homeschool enrichment for their children. We are an Earth-based community creating an integrative homeschool resource and enrichment activities for our children. We take advantage of our natural setting at Earthaven Ecovillage in the Appalachian Mountains of Western circle timeNorth Carolina, encouraging each child to develop a deeper understanding of the cycles of nature and sustainable stewardship of the earth. Currently we meet three days a week and three parents take turns teaching on one of those days. Parents who do not teach make arrangements to compensate the parents who do teach, sometime through trade or barter and sometime monetarily.

We currently have about 5 children, ages 7 through 9 participating in this coop. Our multi-age setting encourages the older children to mentor the younger ones, and inspires new levels of social learning.

The Forest Children Collective facilitates an individualized learning journey for each child, using each child's own aptitudes and interests as the starting point. We emphasize each child's strengths. The children love to learn, and they take charge of their own learning. Each child learns something new every day, and we've created a caring community that supports social, emotional, and academic growth.

Weaving together individual homeschooling and supplemental experiential activities, we have developed a unique collaborative opportunity for homeschool families.

Forest Children Collective Vision
We envision a world of people living sustainably, thinking independently, making decisions cooperatively, nurturing healthy children, families and communities, and allowing the flow of divine spirit through everything.

Homeschool enrollment with the state.
As required by North Carolina law, if your child is seven or older, they must be enrolled as a homeschooler with the state.

Contact Information. For more information call Tanya Carwyn at 828 669 0997 or email her at