The Peace Garden

Community can sometimes be a less than peaceful place, as we deal with a wide range of personalities and the rough edges of unresolved issues. And even when we are feeling peaceful in community, we can still feel deeply unsettled by our knowledge of war and oppression in the world. Thinking about this led Suchi to create the Peace Garden at Earthaven, where those in conflict might sit with one another to work it out, those feeling inner conflict might find some serenity, and those wanting a deeper and quieter connection to nature can find it.

Suchi and the Peace Pole

A workday in the peace garden: Sharon planting perennials, Marie building a rock wall, and Suchi siting the peace pole.

Carving Peace, Being Peace

Michaeljon carves the peace pole with the words PEACE… PAZ… SHALOM… SALAAM.

A bench in the bamboo

A simple bench, made by Clark, offers a quiet spot for reflection nestled in the bamboo grove overlooking Taylor Creek.

Creek and Rhodo at the Peace Garden

Rosy Branch Creek joins Taylor Creek at the heart of the Peace Garden. A perfect location to help us remember that we can come together from divergent paths. The rocks pictured here form a natural seat by the water.

bamboo patch at the Peace Garden

The Peace Garden is one small movement towards finding peace. It is also intended to be a physical representation of the goal of finding peace in our community, peace within ourselves, and peace in the world.

Peace Garden Entrance

“After beginning the planning for the Earthaven peace garden, I came across reference to another such garden at Tamera, a community in Portugal; at O.U.R. Ecovillage in British Columbia; and at Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm community in Tennessee. It seems there is a growing world consciousness that we must have peace. I like that we let our visitors know that we hold this value and make room on our land for a place to express it.” -Suchi