Village Terraces Neighborhood Gardens

We’re working with 5000 sq. ft. of garden space on five terraces for our vegetable gardens. Our neighborhood,  Village Terraces, is hilly so we chose to not build on flat land in order to save it for much-needed pasture for our dairy animals. Our neighborhood consists of eight members and usually a couple of interns who all help in the garden. We’re currently growing many annual vegetables (brassicas, peas, carrots, squashes, melons, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, basils, peppers, etc.) as well as two perennials (asparagus and raspberries) in our neighborhood garden space. We are also developing orchards at different locations around the neighborhood. Room for rent in farming neighborhood.

marble terraces 

These marble and wood terraces add an artful feel to the gardens. We created terraces in order to maximize space and minimize weeds.

cold frame 

Our winter cold frames, made from recycled doors allow us to grow during the winter. The inside of the cold frames are painted white in order to reflect light to the plants from behind. Straw bales line the back of the cold frames to provide insulation on the north. We stone mulch these lettuce plants to help retain extra heat. The doors are opened on warm days.


The start of our blueberry orchard consists of 30 blueberries plants, heavily mulched. In between blueberries, we’ve planted cranberries and lingonberries.

Working together in the garden 

We have work days every week and most of us participate, even young Dylan. Neighborhood worker-owners here weeding the carrots and beets.


Our neighborhood now has 2.5 acres of pasture since our January 2008 clearing. We plan to have a rotation system of small livestock.

View from the west 

View of the garden looking West. We have lots of trellises this year for raspberries, tomatoes, and beans.

Ice Storm at VT 

Our garden area after a glorious and destructive ice storm in February 2008.