Live and Work at Earthaven


Live and Work at Earthaven positions are by arrangement with various hosts—Earthaven members who are working on their site development, buildings, businesses, or gardens. Positions are arranged privately between you and the host (at this time, Earthaven does not have positions sponsored by the community). We also sometimes have rentals available that involve less work and more money. Workers and renters are part of Earthaven’s New Roots program, which includes orientations, regular check-ins, and other activities for support and accountability.

Earthaven members expect a lot of themselves and they expect a lot of you too. Earthaven is a working, building, living environment, and most of the work is hard, physical labor outdoors—digging, hauling, building. Learning by doing (work study), in a service role, is very different from today’s formal education. Like many hands-on experiences, you may not realize what you have learned and the value of your experience until months or years later!

A standard position at Earthaven is 24 hours a week: 20 hours a week in exchange for hosting, food, and camping, plus 4 hours a week for Earthaven. There are, however, a wide variety of arrangements, depending on what the host expects and offers. See below for positions that may be currently available. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please contact the host directly.



Dates: April 26 – 30, 2018

The life of a village is in its work, and the best way to experience it is to pitch in yourself. During Service-Learning Week you’ll work side-by-side with residents, contributing while exploring new skills. You’ll learn by doing, get to know Earthaven—and have lots of fun in the process. More information.

Contact: Gabriel Vieira, 828-669-2707 or

You Receive You Give
Food Not included Work 13 hours
Shelter Camping
Classes Not included Money $25
Experience Live and work at Earthaven




Dates: Ongoing; 3-month minimum stay (prefer 6 months)

Medicine Wheel Collective (MWC) is a Permaculture-based collective neighborhood, housing up to a dozen people. Work includes gardens, orchards, natural building, greenhouses, ponds, rainwater catchment, poultry care — and sometimes just plain housework, or hauling trash, or chopping firewood or putting up fencing for days!

Contact: Lyndon or Patricia at (828) 669-7632 or

You Receive You Give
Food Discounted MWC Kitchen food plan Work 20 hrs/wk for MWC
  4 hrs/wk for Earthaven
24 Total hours per week
Shelter Private room; use of house, office, gardens, phone
Classes Discounts available for MWC events Money $180 MWC food plan
$50 MWC utilities fee
$30 Earthaven fees
$15 vehicle fee (if you bring vehicle)
$260 – 275 Total per month
plus $25 one-time Earthaven fee
Experience Live and work at Earthaven




Dates: March through November, 2015

Limited to 2-3 interns working directly with Patricia Allison. In addition to participating in the Permaculture in the Garden class series, participants live and become a Work Exchanger (WEX) at Medicine Wheel Collective neighborhood. Attend all classes, work with Patricia in her garden, and learn sustainable home systems maintenance skills.

Contact: Patricia Allison, (828) 664-0067.

You Receive You Give
Food Not included Work 10 hrs/wk for MW
10 hrs/wk for MW Garden
  4 hrs/wk for Earthaven
24 Total hours per week
Shelter Room, use of house, phone
Classes Permaculture in the Garden Money One-Time Fees:
$275 internship fee
$25 Earthaven fee
$300 Total one-time fees
Monthy Fees:
$200 food plan
$50 utilities fee
$30 Earthaven fees
$15 vehicle fee (if you bring vehicle)
$230 – 245 Total per month
Experience Live and work at Earthaven


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