Official Documents and In-depth Information

For those seeking in-depth information about ecovillages and intentional communities, we offer an electronic package of Earthaven’s official documents and agreements and membership forms and handouts, in exchange for a donation of $100. Email for more information. Included in the package are:

—Earthaven Documents and Agreements—
Earthaven ReMembership Covenant
Membership Contract
Revised Bylaws, Earthaven Association
Land Use and Common Rights Agreement (LUCRA)
Earthaven Site Lease
Site Lease Process Protocols
Good Neighbor Guidelines
Hut Hamlet Agreements
Overview, Earthaven Agricultural Guidelines
—Membership Forms and Handouts—
About Earthaven Membership
About Becoming a Provisional Member
What It Costs
Spirit and Culture at Earthaven
Living Permaculture at Earthaven
Council and Committee at Earthaven
About Families and Children
About Being a Contributing Member
About Earthaven Agreements
Overview: Graduated Series of Consequences
About Choosing Sites at Earthaven
Are You Interested in Becoming an Earthaven Member?
Membership Interview Questions
Story Evening Guidelines
Provisional Membership Questionnaire
Provisional Member Review Form

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