Video Portraits of Two Earthaven Members

Here are two portrait videos made by Jacki Huntington, a UNC journalism student who spent a month here last summer, then returned for a weekend this spring to wrap up her project. One focuses on Michaeljon and the other on redmoonsong.


Hut Hamlet Trampoline

A video by Will Rogers:

hht from will rogers on Vimeo.

Tales of the Ecovillage

In this blog, members and residents of Earthaven Ecovillage will post their stories, news, and inspiration. We have several goals. We want to share what it is really like to try living more sustainably, so we can inspire others to take their own steps toward environmentally friendly living. We wish to connect with people who hold similar values and commitment to caring for people and the Earth. And we want to document the beauty and the challenges of our journey–to entertain, engage, educate, and amuse.