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A living laboratory for a sustainable human future.

Earthaven’s Neighborhoods

Earthaven has twelve planned neighborhoods of from two to eight homesites each. Some neighborhoods have developed sites and homes; others are in the early stages of development. The layout of Earthaven’s neighborhoods is illustrated on these maps. Below are brief descriptions of each neighborhood.


Gently south-facing slopes near the entrance to Earthaven, with common agricultural land and nearby leasable agricultural fields, intended for farmers, growers, and raisers of livestock. Gateway’s Pod is an LLC that includes the residential area and farm. 

Persimmon Grove

Persimmon Grove (formerly Forest Garden). South-facing slopes in a mixed-use business-residential neighborhood on the road leading to the center of the village, about a five-minute walk away. Two agricultural fields. Four homesites developed; three homes/businesses so far. Persimmon Grove’s Pod is a Housing Cooperative.

Hut Hamlet

The Hut Hamlet has south-facing slopes in the center of the village not far from the Council Hall. Two agricultural fields. Currently about ten small huts and one three-household residence, plus a central kitchen/dining room and shower facilities. The Hut Hamlet also has an electric power cooperative. The Hut Hamlet’s Pod is a Housing Cooperative.

Hickory Knob

Adjacent to the village center, Hickory Knob holds the White Owl Lodge and the Trading Post. Hickory Knob is owned by an individual.

Village Terraces

A family-friendly cohousing neighborhood on a flat terrace on a gentle north slope (with solar access) near the center of the village. Common agricultural land. Residents focus on good communication skills, organic farming, and health. The first two buildings have shared common space, individual apartments, and a business. Seeking more individuals and families for the neighborhood’s next multi-household building. Village Terrace’s Pod is a Housing Cooperative.

Hickory Knob Compact Neighborhood

Three smaller sites on gently north-facing slopes (with solar access) near the center of the village between Hickory Knob and Village Terraces. No common agricultural land. The Hickory Knob Compact Neighborhood is part of the Hut Hamlet Pod.

Dancing Shiva

Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery and Healing Center is a beautiful, sunny, south-facing slope site about a 10-minute walk west from the village center. Residents live, practice, and teach tantra along with an alchemy of spirituality, health and healing, permaculture, and eros. Dancing Shiva hosts a variety of gatherings, guests, and private retreats throughout the year. Dancing Shiva is an LLC that leases the Parcel to the Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery. For more information please visit

Medicine Wheel

Higher elevation south-facing slopes near the center of the village, with great views and flat common agricultural land and a campground near the road. Home of the Medicine Wheel House, a cooperative residence offering lodging to apprentices and work exchangers as well as classroom space. Medicine Wheel’s Pod is a 501(c)3 nonprofit monastery.

Hawk Holler

Eight quiet, secluded homesteading sites, 10-minute walk from the village. Varied terrain, good solar orientation. Starforest Road accesses all sites and common agricultural land. Springs, creeks, and hiking are nearby. Current infrastructure includes a duplex, a tiny house, a water system, and a field. Hawk Holler’s Pod is a Housing Cooperative.


Suncatcher, LLC is an 11-acre neighborhood, located on south-facing, forested slopes, a seven-minute walk up a mountain road from the ecovillage center. Suncatcher has one dwelling (The Hobbit House) with terraced gardens, a greenhouse, a stand-alone bath house, a communal kitchen, and private bedrooms. We receive limited water from a shared spring and electricity from solar panels. We have no on-site Internet, but can access Internet at the village center. We plan to remain a small, peaceful neighborhood, growing organically, based on values and lifestyle, with a priority on clean, healthy, permaculture living.

Bellavia Gardens

A WiFi-free neighborhood located on a broad flat terrace, perched above Little Cedar Creek, a short walking distance to the village center. Four developed homesites, including one co-housing building with three apartments and a common bathhouse. Shared common areas include a polyculture fruit orchard, a central farm garden, and a cookout area. A teaching kitchen and demonstration gardens are under development. Residents’ interests include organic gardening, natural health, and social connection. Several homesites available as well as lodging for work exchangers and apprentices. Bella Via Gardens’ Pod is a Housing Cooperative.

Upper Rosy Branch and Piney Knob

Upper Rosy Branch has higher-elevation south-facing slopes at the western edge of Earthaven. Quiet, nice views. Road built to edge of neighborhood (can be extended). Piney Knob has south-facing slopes, some with mountain views, south of Rosy Branch neighborhoods across Rosy Branch Creek. Upper Rosy Branch and Piney Knob have common agricultural land and are about a 15-minute walk from the village center. Upper Rosy Branch has two homes; Piney Knob has one. Both have several building sites available. Their pod is a housing cooperative.