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Tag: Courtney Brooke

Roadside Agroforestry in North Georgia with Courtney Brooke

(Transcript from Video) Courtney Brooke: Well, we’re not at Earthaven, but you know I’m still on planet earth and just seeing this. I’m on the side of the highway in north Georgia. I’m like driving by and I’m like:  Wow! look at those trees blooming. Then I realized...

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Artichoke Patch in Courtney Brooke’s Garden at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcript from video: Courtney Brooke: Good morning. I wanted to show you something really exciting in my garden. This is my artichoke patch. I got several artichokes here some different kinds that I’m experimenting with. I planted them just last year so they’re about a year old. I love...

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AlnoCulture; Alder Tree as a living trellis with Courtney Brooke at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcript from video: Courtney Brooke: Good morning, it’s Courtney Brooke here. I wanted to show you another exciting plant in our landscape which is called an Alder. It’s a tree; it’s these trees here. This is a baby one. It was planted about …maybe two years ago. Here’s...

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Grating Black Turmeric from our neighbors at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcript from Video: Courtney Brooke: Good morning, Zev. Zev:  Good morning. Courtney Brooke: What are you doing? Zev: I am grating this incredible black turmeric grown by Leon with his mad, passionate devotion to beautiful food and medicine plants at Full Circle Far next to Earthaven Ecovillage. Courtney...

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Creek Repair Using Cement Blocks as Sediment Bars at Earthaven Ecovillage

(Transcript from video) Courtney Brooke:  Hi there. Coming to you from the sauna at Earthaven EcoVillage. And the Sauna is right by the swimming hole, which is in the creek. The thing about that is that the Creek, when it floods, erodes away the bank. Then if it erodes away too much more than it...

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Moving the Mobile Coops for Pastured Chickens with Andy at Earthaven Ecovillage

Courtney Brooke: Hey Andy! Andy: Hey! Courtney Brooke: What are you doing? Andy: Well I’m moving the chickens to a fresh spot. Courtney Brooke: Oh; good morning chickens! Well, that’s quite a lot of chickens. How many chickens is that? Andy: Well, we started with a little over a hundred...

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Rainy Day Commute at Earthaven Ecovillage with Courtney Brooke

(Transcript) Courtney Brooke: One of the things I most love about living at Earthhaven is my commute to work a lot of times is you know a five-minute walk or a three minute walk. Today it happens to be a three-minute walk in the rain. Which is so nice and one of the other things that I love so much...

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The Spring Greenhouse at Earthaven Ecovillage: Our Hope for the Summer

Transcription of The Spring Greenhouse at Earthaven Ecovillage: Our Hope for the Summer Courtney Brooke: Here we are in the greenhouse at Full Circle Farm at Earthaven Ecovillage in the early spring. Here it’s raining, it’s kind of cold outside and here is what we’ve...

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