Mission and Goals

Earthaven Mission and Goals

Mission: To create a village which is a living laboratory and educational seed bank for a sustainable human future.

Vision: In the midst of planetary change the Earthaven experiment helps inform and inspire a global flowering of bioregionally appropriate cultures.


Zero) To promote and ensure the long-term structural integrity of the community.

1) To catalyze local and global change through learning, teaching, and networking.

2) To shift from wasteful to regenerative use of resources.

3) To use and develop ecologically sound technologies for water, waste, energy, construction, and other essential systems.

4)To develop and support a thriving local economy.

5) To grow, raise, and trade our own food, medicines, and forestry products in an environmentally responsible, bioregional network.

6) To practice fair, participatory, and effective self-governance.

7) To encourage an atmosphere in which diverse spiritual practices, conscious connection to all beings, and progressive social action can thrive.

8 ) To nurture personal growth, interpersonal understanding, and mutual trust, as the foundation for a deeply connected human community.

9) To practice healthy, holistic lifestyles that balance self-care with care for others.

10) To create a culture of celebration, beauty, and pleasure.

11) To use capital and labor resources to provide common infrastructure and meet our collective needs.