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A living laboratory for a sustainable human future.

Living Fences & Intergenerational Pruning at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcript from video: Courtney: What are y’all doing? Zev: Stone’s giving me a sawdust snack. Pruning. Courtney: What kind of tree is that? Stone: Ash. Ah it doesn’t taste like ash though. Courtney: Ash. Zev: And we’ve been pruning black locusts and mulberries and this is...

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NikiAnne in the Blue Comfrey Patch at Earthaven Ecovillage

(Transcript) NikiAnne: I have some blue comfrey here. I got gifted this by a friend and lo and behold it likes to spread. It’s ambitious and I’ve been using it in what I call my nursery; a place that I just put plants where I don’t know where I want them. Ultimately, but eventually...

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NikiAnne in the Ox Eye Daisy Patch at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcription: NikiAnne: So, this green friend was introduced to me by my friend, Dimitri. It is ox eye daisy. It grows so well, it reseeds itself and it’s just coming up. It’s spring and so it’s going to get a little fuller and eventually bloom into what are called ox eye daisies. These...

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Bio Char with Zev & Dimitri, at Earthaven Ecovillage

Dimitri: We’re at Earthaven Ecovillage with Zev Friedman in the Hut Hamlet neighborhood. We are now watering this char that’s made from bamboo in this Kon-tiki. Zev: Teensy micro Kon-tiki kiln, otherwise known as hickory nut pounding charcoal pounding vessel. Oh yeah..look at that beautiful...

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Dr. Monique Mazza’s Raised Beds at Earthaven Ecovillage

Hi all! This is Dr Monique Mazza from our home in Earthaven Ecovillage and I’m inviting you today to talk about our raised beds. These are  three or four raised beds that we have here. Why do we have raised beds instead of planting right in the ground? Well there’s several benefits. For...

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Dr. Monique Mazza’s Vermiculture Mini-Workshop. Part 2. At Earthaven Ecovillage

Dr. Monique Mazza: Hey y’all! This is Dr. Monique Mazza from Earthaven Ecovillage with part two of our vermiculture video. In the first part we already went over how to feed our worms and set them up so they’re going to be happy critters and producing worm castings for you in the first...

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