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NikiAnne the Columbine Farmer at Earthaven Ecovillage

(Transcript) NikiAnne:

So really what I want to be in life is a Columbine farmer. I don’t know if that exists.

This is just the beginning of the Columbine coming back after winter. The ones in this yard- the flowers are deep, deep, purple and then there’s another one that’s like red peach and orange yellow together. They’re just gorgeous.

They’re not flowers that you would pick and put in a vase because they kind of like face down.  But wow are they amazing!

Last fall when they had gone to seed I harvested some seed and I threw a lot of seed in other places I wanted the columbine to populate. We’ll see if it’s stratified and did well. I’m also going to seed some in trays this year with my friend, Eli, and see if we can populate the valley here with more beauty with these flowers.

Let’s do Columbine!


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Lee Warren

Lee Warren is reclaiming wisdom through conscious relating with self, land, and others. She has 25 years of experience envisioning, designing, and living innovative solutions to mutually empowered relationships, land-based food systems, residential community, non-violent communication, and sustainability education. She is the principal and founder of Reclaiming Wisdom, a co-founder of SOIL, School of Integrated Living, and a proponent of regenerative systems, consent culture, and authentic living. Lee is a writer, teacher, and activist, with a passion for embodiment practices, rural wisdom, sustainable economics, conscious dying, and community of all kinds.

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