Articles about Earthaven and Sustainability

Our vision is that, in the midst of planetary change, the Earthaven experiment helps inform and inspire a global flowering of bioregionally appropriate cultures. To help realize this vision, we are providing links below to articles and other resources about Earthaven and building sustainable community.

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Overview of Earthaven Facts by the DREEM Reality Ecovillage Research Project.

Theory of Everything’s 2017 podcast about Permaculture, Earthaven, and Utopia.

Chapter on Earthaven from 2013 book Ecovillages by Karen Liftin.

2006 Washington Post Article about Earthaven, by Joel Achenbach.

Earthaven Ecovillage Economics by Diana Leafe Christian.

Towards a Joyful Economics by Helen Zuman

Community Seekers Describe Earthaven by Mary Rives and Keith Carlson.

Communities We Want to Live In by Ecosalon.

Best Places to Go Off Grid, by Off the Grid News.

49 Photographs from Spring 2011, by Nate Oxenfeld.

101 Photographs from August 2008, by Gerry Canavan.

Two college students visit Earthaven Ecovillage, by Nate Oxenfeld.

A Local History of the Land at and Surrounding Earthaven, by Thrisa Murphy

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