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A living laboratory for a sustainable human future.

New Online Courses

In December, we announced that Earthaven’s non-profit, Culture’s Edge, and the School of Integrated Living (SOIL) had merged, and announced a new program of online workshops.

Interested in learning more about Earthaven?

Join our series of workshops about Earthaven infrastructure with Lee Warren. Each two-hour workshop will explore one of the permaculture ethics — earth care, people care, and fair share.

  • Place-Based Living: An overview of the regenerative systems that provide our homes, power, water, food and medicine. January 30
  • Village Economics: The ins and outs of money and wealth at Earthaven Ecovillage. March 20
  • People Care: An overview of the social, emotional, and relational aspects of village life. April 17

Considering joining Earthaven or another ecovillage or intentional community?

Learn how to research, visit, evaluate, and join the ecovillage or intentional community of your dreams with Diana Leafe Christian. To meet Diana and get a taste for the workshop, sign up for the FREE overview.

Want easier and more satisfying relationships in your life?

Improve your interpersonal communication skills through the practice of nonviolent communication. Steve Torma provides a safe environment for learning and practicing key NVC skills. To meet Steve and get a taste for the workshop, sign up for the FREE overview.

  • FREE overview: Monday, February 1
  • Eight session workshop: Mondays, February 8 – March 29, $280
    For even better relationships, bring a friend, partner, or lover for half price!

Meet the instructors

Diana Leafe Christian

Diana is author of Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities and Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community. She speaks at conferences, offers consultations, and leads webinars and workshops internationally.

Lee Warren

Lee is a sustainability professional with 25 years of experience envisioning, designing, and living innovative solutions to organic food systems, intentional community, and sustainability education. She’s been living in rural, land-based community since 1995 and at Earthaven Ecovillage since 2000.

Steve Torma

As a lifelong peace, justice, and ecology educator and activist with over 40 years of community living, Steve has sought to integrate personal and social transformation in his own life, in the communities in which he lives, and in the larger society. He is passionate about integral living and thinking to create a more just and sustainable world.

Join a Community, NVC, people care, place-based living, village economics

Lee Warren

Lee Warren is reclaiming wisdom through conscious relating with self, land, and others. She has 25 years of experience envisioning, designing, and living innovative solutions to mutually empowered relationships, land-based food systems, residential community, non-violent communication, and sustainability education. She is the principal and founder of Reclaiming Wisdom, a co-founder of SOIL, School of Integrated Living, and a proponent of regenerative systems, consent culture, and authentic living. Lee is a writer, teacher, and activist, with a passion for embodiment practices, rural wisdom, sustainable economics, conscious dying, and community of all kinds.

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