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The Value of Happiness and Connection


Add value to your and your loved ones’ lives by spending quality time in nature… observing, playing, laughing, and exploring. Below are nature adventures and activities as well as some perspective from Lia Grippo, Reaching Nature Connection Conference Instructor and our colleagues at Wilderness Youth Project. Have fun!


“If we want our children to have the courage, creativity, wisdom, and care for the planet that will most certainly be required of them, we must give them the opportunity to fall in love with Nature before we ask them to save it.”

~ Lia Grippo, Reaching Nature Connection Conference Instructor and Co-Director of the Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers


Adventure: Look up!

Take a wander and keep your gaze up as much as possible. Try not to look at the ground. This is a time to notice the clouds, undersides of trees, flying birds, (maybe stars and a moon). So much is going on all around us so much of the time, it is good to remember to change our vantage.


Activity: Flower Pressing

Flowers are abundant this time of year and there is no better time to press them. Plus, when summer comes, they’ll be dried and ready to do crafts with! Gather flowers on a sunny day when there is no dew or mist on the flowers, and then choose one of the following:

  • In an old phone book: Lay flowers between pieces of printer paper or newspaper, then put a book on top of the stack and leave them for at least a few days.
  • Make your own cardboard press: instructions on the Wilderness Youth Project resource portal!

Send us photos of your journey! We’d love to see them and share with others in the Earthaven and Wilderness Youth Project communities.

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