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Author: Earthaven Admin Team

What’s so bizarre about Earthaven’s bazaar?

By Arjuna da Silva Decades ago, Brandon Greenstein and friends initiated the “Bizarre Bazaar” at the White Owl in Earthaven Ecovillage, as an opportunity for folks to display, demonstrate, share, sell, trade, or give away the fruits of their labors in a variety of arts, crafts, and entertaining...

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Build it, and They Will Come

  By Deborah Clark, Medicine Wheel Collective Greetings from Medicine Wheel Collective! As summer rolls into fall, and wave after wave of change sweeps the wider world, we find ourselves deep in a season of change at Medicine Wheel. As the pandemic prohibited us from hosting our normal summer...

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An Eye Toward Food Security

  As COVID-19 continues to distort our once-familiar realities, many people—residents of Earthaven included—are asking questions about systemic uncertainty. Food security is, quite naturally, at the top of many folks’ lists. Check out some of the initiatives taking place in and around Earthaven...

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