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Recent Childrens’ Performance Delights the House

Nothing seems to entertain us and our neighbors more than the simple, sweet and even silly performances our children regale us with from time to time. Most recently, Tricia Baehr coordinated a multi-media event with music, dance, theatrics and short films with the children of Earthaven and the greater community in our Valley. Billed as the Valley Kids Variety Show, highlights included banjo playing, original choreography, song and dance, special guests the Turkey Creek Rooster Tails (mountain music-playing siblings from Leicester, NC), a “witchy” performance from Shakespeare’s MacBeth Act 4, Scene 1, and more: an original one act play (nature-lover gets stung by bee), a Rubik’s Cube master-solver, and a finale of T.S. Eliot poems from “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.” Even kids who didn’t appear on stage participated with photography, filmmaking, set design, and technical assistance, and parents and kids worked together to learn what it takes to put on a show and entertain their neighbors.

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