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Shoes Off!

Being Healed by the Earth

“American feet are atrophied; they don’t develop, they are inarticulate,” says Warren Grossman, energy healer and author of the book, To Be Healed By The Earth, pointing out that in cultures where people don’t wear shoes, the toes spread and the feet move quite differently while walking. “In our culture, we pretend we don’t live on the Earth.” So, the first thing he had us do in the 2-day workshop I recently experienced with him at Earthaven, was to take off our shoes. After massaging one foot, we marveled at the different sense of contact with the floor in that foot compared to the other one.

Besides massaging and stretching out our feet and toes, we learned to open the chakras in the soles and send our energy and attention down into the Earth, grounding ourselves. As our attention went into the ground, we became aware of the subtle sensation of energy rising up from the Earth into our bodies. “All anxiety comes from ungroundedness,” Grossman said. The cure? Connecting to Mother Earth.

“Love without energy is merely sentiment,” he said, “and all healing requires love.” The healer is a mediator, a conduit of Earth energy. So, despite the sleety weather, we went outdoors and experienced connecting with trees. We practiced grounding ourselves and then feeling the depth and width of the heart. To heal others, we ground ourselves, open our hearts, love ourselves first, then send loving energy to the other person through the hands; it is not necessary to actually touch the person. “The more highly organized energy field will dominate the less organized energy field,” noted Grossman.

–from Cathy’s online newsletter, EARTH & US

Editor’s note: Twenty-some participants in Warren’s workshop, mostly Earthaven residents and some friends from town, spent two days in mindful relationship with their own bodies, Earth, and each other. It was awesome! For days afterward, the increased energy in the community was palpable. Many are continuing to use and remind others about the simple, adaptable techniques gathered over the weekend. A third day focused on individual healings and some work as a group was generously given to a smaller group of community members free of charge. Stay tuned for news of Warren’s return.

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