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Tag: NikiAnne

NikiAnne in the Blue Comfrey Patch at Earthaven Ecovillage

(Transcript) NikiAnne: I have some blue comfrey here. I got gifted this by a friend and lo and behold it likes to spread. It’s ambitious and I’ve been using it in what I call my nursery; a place that I just put plants where I don’t know where I want them. Ultimately, but eventually...

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NikiAnne in the Ox Eye Daisy Patch at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcription: NikiAnne: So, this green friend was introduced to me by my friend, Dimitri. It is ox eye daisy. It grows so well, it reseeds itself and it’s just coming up. It’s spring and so it’s going to get a little fuller and eventually bloom into what are called ox eye daisies. These...

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NikiAnne and the Firewood Stack at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcription from video: NikiAnne: Oh my gosh, I love my firewood. Thanks to my partner Chris Farmer who built this! This is under a plastic like greenhouse roofing corrugated that allows a lot of sun to get through. Keeps it dry and we have cut it to really short lengths so that it fits in our...

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Building Community Through Ritual

  Above: 2017 Ancestor Feast Altar featuring Chuck, Suchi and Kimchi   by NikiAnne Feinberg   Rituals to help land-based and regional communities process what has happened and is happening in our world are so powerful. We look to ritual to help us digest the unsavory and the unpalatable....

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Cultivating New Community Members Starts with New Roots

by Arjuna da Silva Among the many new and exciting things life in an ecovillage exposes us to—new ideas, new diets, new techniques and technologies, new celebrations—one of the most vital are the new people we meet! Our gate is open to visitors who may come for a tour, a workshop, to visit friends...

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‘Tis the Season of the Students

by NikiAnne Feinberg   Several weekends in a row this past April, we had the pleasure of hosting college groups from the College of Charleston, Furman University, and Elon University. We dig bamboo, but how many shoots can we eat?! Bamboo needs maintenance to keep it from overextending its boundaries....

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