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Tag: Garden

Artichoke Patch in Courtney Brooke’s Garden at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcript from video: Courtney Brooke: Good morning. I wanted to show you something really exciting in my garden. This is my artichoke patch. I got several artichokes here some different kinds that I’m experimenting with. I planted them just last year so they’re about a year old. I love...

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Dr. Monique Mazza’s Raised Beds at Earthaven Ecovillage

Hi all! This is Dr Monique Mazza from our home in Earthaven Ecovillage and I’m inviting you today to talk about our raised beds. These are  three or four raised beds that we have here. Why do we have raised beds instead of planting right in the ground? Well there’s several benefits. For...

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Naia’s Garden at Earthaven Ecovillage

Courtney Brooke: It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning garden session over here at the Gateway neighborhood. That’s some little garden gnome over here… Good morning yarrow! Good morning snapdragons! Good morning oregano! Sam: Wow! Like a little special plant kind of in the mix you know what...

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Forest Garden Neighborhood, July 20, 2010

Chioke, Amakiasu, & Ayo in Forest Garden Neighborhood On her next-to-last day at Earthaven, our Forest Children’s Collective tutor Amakiasu (center), and her kids Chioke, 17 (left) and Ayo, 13 (right), sheet-mulched the slope between Greg’s homesite and our place with cardboard and...

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