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A living laboratory for a sustainable human future.

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Stepping into 2018!

  While it’s hard to be encouraged by the way humans are utilizing planetary resources and influences, to some extent it just makes us hunker down even more, to mine those inner resources that will help us go the distance—get another project done, another plan designed, even explore another...

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Rural Academy Theater

Horse-pulled Theater, Bicycle-powered Cinema, & Live Orchestra at Earthaven! In horse-pulled wagons stocked with a bicycle-powered silent cinema, an Appalachian-balkan-brass-klezmer-dixieland-string ensemble, kinetic sculpture and their signature low-tech theater appliances, the Rural Academy...

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News from the Village – A Recent Visit from Michael Dowd

Evolutionary evangelist and author Rev. Michael Dowd visited Earthaven recently on a Southeastern tour. In presentations on May 18 and 19 he provided important input on two of the most critical issues facing us as an ecovillage: How do we deal with our inner and interpersonal realities so we can...

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