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A living laboratory for a sustainable human future.

Author: Gabriel Vieira

Gabriel Vieira is a father, retired circus performer, aspiring milpa farmer, and radical educator. Having been blessed with a long string of amazing teachers in a wide variety of settings, Gabriel has recently begun to grow into his own vocation as a teacher, founding The Village School at Earthaven Ecovillage. Gabriel sees his role as that of a mentor, guiding students along the often rocky path of their own unfolding relationship with themselves and the more-than-human world through careful observation, modeling, and the creation of a container that both nurtures and challenges their bodies, hearts, and minds.

Village School Overview with Gabriel at Earthaven Ecovillage (Three Part Series)

Part 1 Moving to the Forest Garden Gabriel: I am really excited because the village school is moving to a new location. We’re going to be out here in the forest gardens. Behind me, right here is the forest garden. An area that’s been through a million different iterations, different teams,...

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