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News Notes – early Spring 2010

Greetings from Earthaven Ecovillage! We’re enjoying the first few days of spring – with daffodils blooming and long strings of toad eggs in the ponds.
          Marie Reilly became a full member on February 28. Current provisional members Tanya Carwyn and Troy Swift will soon have company – Kaitlin Hetzner, Jonathan Swiftcreek, Eli Swiftcreek, and Karen Taylor are all scheduled for provisional member interviews and stories in the next couple months.
          In village business news, Useful Plants Nursery was awarded a $6,000 AgOptions grant to develop a new propagation facility. The nursery plans to propagate 80% of the plants it sells within 5 years. The Southeast Wise Women have opened registration for the 2010 Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference October 1-3 in Black Mountain, NC. Yellowroot farm cleared a new agricultural field and distributed its first CSA share for the season – shiitake mushrooms!
          In neighborhood news: The Main Street neighborhood changed its name to the Forest Garden neighborhood, the Village Terraces neighborhood held several work parties to load firewood into the two-story firewood shed they built over the summer, and Brian Love and Chris Farmer moved into their new homes in the Gateway neighborhood.
          After over five years stored in a shed, the last of the lumber processed by the Forestry Cooperative graces a newly remodeled summer cabin in Bat Cave.
          Are you considering moving to Earthaven or just want to see what it would be like for a week? Join us this summer for our Introduction to Earthaven Visitor week. See the Earthaven website for details.

We have new addresses!
We used to share a few addresses, but the e911 program now requires that each of our buildings has its own address and mailbox.  If you are sending mail to one of us, please verify that you have the new address.

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Debbie Lienhart has been an Earthaven Ecovillage member since 2008 and is a Director of Earthaven's School of Integrated Living.

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Virtual Earthaven Tour

June 27, 2-4 pm, Recording available now

There’s nothing like experiencing ecovillage life first hand, but taking a virtual tour of Earthaven is a close second! 

The tour highlights ways in which Earthaven is striving to be a holistic, sustainable culture. The introductory overview tour examines the concept of sustainability at Earthaven through social, ecological, and economic lenses. Not only will you get a glimpse of what has worked through time, but also hear about what has been challenging. And you will have a chance to ask questions!

Compassion Camp

July 13-16

Our annual event focused on Nonviolent Communication, featuring classes and experiential learning. An experience designed to foster compassion and connection in our hearts, communities and world, and to spread the seeds of justice and love.

Earthaven Ecovillage Experience Week

July 30 – August 5, 2023

Join the homesteads, farms, and businesses of Earthaven Ecovillage for a hands-on, skill-building immersion in sustainable and climate-resilient community life. A residential service learning immersion in our unique community laboratory.

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Eco-Explorers Adventure Camp

July 31 - August 4, 2023

This day camp is designed to develop ecological literacy, gain practical life skills, and build meaningful friendships, and is also open to commuters.

Commute or bring your 6-12 year-old kids to Eco-Explorers Adventure Camp for an age-appropriate ecovillage experience while you participate in Earthaven Ecovillage Experience Week.