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The Wise Women of the Blue Ridge Are At It Again

If you plan to visit Earthaven the weekend of October 2-4, don’t expect to see many women. Not only do Earthaven and neighbor women organize the conference, but it has become such a draw that Earthaven is virtually “men-only” when the Earthaven and neighbor women head down the mountain to the beautiful conference site at Camp Rockmont (home of the LEAF festival). Many have volunteer or work trade roles with the conference, which gives them both an opportunity to help “behind the scenes” as well as the ability to attend the classes. Others simply attend. All come home with large smiles, relaxed bodies, inspired minds, and hearts that are connected to each other, long after leaving.

The Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference is the sister company of Red Moon Herbs –  sharing the same mother, owner and director, Corinna Wood. Corinna, a long-time Earthaven member, runs these two businesses here at Earthaven, employing not only herself but other local women, bringing much-needed income to families in our economically depressed Appalachian region.

Two Earthaven women, Corinna and Lee Warren, as well as a neighbor, Ema Carmona, work year round to organize The Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, which offers hundreds of women the opportunity to learn, connect, and deepen in to the Wise Woman Tradition. This year marks the 5th anniversary of the conference which will take place in Black Mountain on October 2-4

The Wise Woman Tradition is very close to many of the values embodied at Earthaven. In brief, it means simple living, earth-based healing, and local plants. It encourages connection to place, honoring of cycles, nourishment of the body–of the human and of the earth, and community with each other. The conference is an opportunity to introduce these ideas to women from many different walks of life in a format and style that is empowering and deeply transformative.

The conference draws hundreds of women (expected participation this year is 500) from around the Southeast coming for classes taught by more than 30 teachers, herbalists, wise women elders, and gifted healers. They will teach more than 50 classes on topics such as: Herb Walks, Tea Blending Secrets, Herbal Skin Care, Herbal Baths, Menstrual Health, Menopause, Women’s Wellness, Nutrition, Phytochemicals, HPV, Shamanic Breathwork, Talking Stick, Self Esteem, as well as art, dance, yoga, poetry, and more.
Susun Weed, the voice of the Wise Woman Tradition, and an internationally renowned herbalist, author, and teacher, will be the special guest teacher at this 5th anniversary conference, as she was the first year. A very strong bond of friendship exists between Susun and Corinna, which was formed during Corinna’s days as Susun’s apprentice at the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, NY, nearly 15 years ago. Susun’s teachings have helped shape Corinna’s life work.

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