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News Notes – Autumn 2009

Earthaven celebrated our 15th anniversary on September 11. See the article in this newsletter for information on the celebration.

Marie Reilly jumped the candle to become a new provisional member.

 The third bridge over the stream crossing near the Hut Hamlet is finished! In the photo, Founding Day parade marchers rest on the sturdy rails made from white oak from the Useful Plants Nursery clearing.  Thanks to Paul Caron, Lynn Armstrong, Mihaly Bartalos, Tom Moestl, Reed Murphy, Art Myers, Andy Bosley, Jack Fermoil, Clark Goslee, and Ishmael for their work on the bridge.

Many Earthaven members and friends walked the last plant walk with herbalist Frank Cook at the Summer Permaculture Gathering this past August 7th. In its sixteenth year (still on the Arthur Morgan School site in Celo—two years in a row a while back, we hosted it at Earthaven) there have been at last that many plant walks with Frank in this bioregion. And now we’ve unexpectedly said good-bye, since August 18th when he succumbed to some unnamed (so far) opportunistic infection. Memorials must have been going on everywhere—redmoonsong saw an obit for Frank in the Washington Post!—there have been accolades and remembered stories and the positive aspects of sharing grief community style. Frank’s was a long, lanky link to the biosphere of the whole planet, as he walked and sampled the bounty on the paths that cross a million cultures’ lives, then brought together in an ambling rap as lyrical as a hip-hop opera, the simple, empowering, self-revealing gifts of planet Earth. He was daring, thoughtful, and…our brother.

We’re looking for someone experienced with video editing who is interested in and  somewhat familiar with ideas around sustainability to help us edit video for our upcoming film series. You would work from home (wherever that is) and collaborate with a director and team based at Earthaven. Compensation: fun, cooperation, and a good cause. Leaps (Earthaven currency also available). Contact Lee Warren or Debbie Lienhart at if you are interested.

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