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Spring came early with intimations of summer, then backed off for a few freezing nights and turned around for a balmy re-entrance. Buds already opening on fruit and berry branches may not all recover, but many were slow bloomers and will make it.


NikiAnne was out touring when Mana’s mom Dorien came strolling by and they posed for the camera. Happy Spring, y’all!


Gardeners have begun their outdoor planting—some by the moon and some not! Most seeds and starts can go right in, but others will remain safe inside until around the 10th of May.

Plant starts are now available on Tuesday mornings.  Coffee & Trade is about to move outdoors again; these might be the last pictures of the winter location inside Council Hall.

Outside in the fields, another lambing season has proceeded under Caroline’s care.

Below, she leads the flock in Gateway field.




Up in Bellavia, mushroom logs have been inoculated and lay about waiting for stacking. Life is pulsing through every farmer and gardener’s fingers. Birdwatchers (and listeners) are delighted once again.

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