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What Earthaven is All About… For Me with Paul Caron

Earthaven Ecovillage Podcast What Earthaven is All About… for Me with  Paul Caron Released June 28, 2021Featuring: Paul Caron and Diana Leafe Christian In this podcast, Earthaven co-founder and village philosopher Paul Caron shares how he got involved with the other Earthaven founders,...

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Annual Feast Celebrates Ancestors

  Our annual Ancestors Feast brings members, residents, friends and neighbors together in the Council Hall to highlight stories of beloved friends, family and teachers who have gone before us.   When we all gather for a feast in the Council Hall, it takes all our tables arranged in a tight...

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Not So Bizarre – Notes from the 2014 “Bizarre Bazaar”

by Melissa Lemoing (aka River Otter)   Both for the alliteration of it, and because the way we do things is so often not the way “it’s done,” our annual holiday crafts-and-goodies bazaar has been called “bizarre” since it’s beginnings. This year, after so many years organizing it, I was able...

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Local Economics at Work: Earthaven’s Bizarre Bazaar

by River Otter Earthaven’s annual holiday Bazaar is one of our community’s focal points for creating economics on the village scale. Each year in December, Earthaven members, neighbors, friends and visitors gather in the Council Hall for an afternoon of food, fun, games, and holiday vending. This...

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