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Elemental Balance


“Bring it all to the fire and let it be transmuted.” 

We hold our hands up in a triangle and focus our energy on the fire. We let go of the grief and offer our prayers up to the fire. We feel the transformation and relief in our bodies, minds, and hearts.

And then I realize this fire ceremony is yet another way to use the elemental lens that I have developed over the years in Ayurveda school, astrology, tarot, and my yoga and energy work practices.

Earth to ground.
Water to flow.
Fire to transform.
Air to create.
Ether to fly.

My spiritual practice and self-care have been more and more about embodying these elements, and using them as tools when there is an imbalance. Understanding the qualities of elements, whether it’s fire—unstable and hot, or earth—solid and cold, and developing relationships with elements within me and around me, has been instrumental in my deepening and expansion as a human and spiritual being.

This elemental lens is powerful when we choose to stop quantifying everything like nutritional facts and how many miles hiking, and instead …we listen to the body and its response to the meal we just cooked, or the hike we just went on. Do you feel more grounded from eating potatoes vs. salad greens? Does your mind need slower movement like yoga to ground vs. a bike ride that might get the air in your mind going?

This lens can also help you develop empathy for those you might not get along with, when you know they might have a little more earth and move slower than you like, or you feel the critical and judgmental heat of the fire burning inside of them.

So I invite you to tune in to how the elements impact you. Walk outside and sense the earth beneath your feet … how does it feel to be barefoot? Splash some water from the creek on your face … how does that cool you and get you in touch with your emotions? Feel the sun on your face … how much can you handle before you burn? Embrace the breeze blowing your hair … how does it affect your mind and your joints? And how does it feel to be in the space that holds it all … what medicine does the space bring?

Experiment with the elements and see how they move through you and in you. 

Be the earth, fire, water, air, and ether that you are. Let the elements be your teachers and allow their wisdom to shape your life.

Your fiery water dancer,
Jillian xx

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Jill Lacasse

Jill is passionate about holistic embodied living in community. Mystic, Heart-led Poet, Meditator and Yogini, Song and Sound Carrier; her fascination lies in the continual expansion and awakening of consciousness through exploring her inner world and her relationships with others. She brings a warm, joyful, bold, and free spirit to her work, relationships, and spiritual life.

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