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Purifying vs. Nourishing


Little did I know that when I decided to up and move my whole life from Canada across North America to California, that I would be entering a whole new phase of my life. A phase of deep excavation. A time when I would dive into the depths of my soul and discover the cement walls I’d created in my mind and heart that kept me from truly knowing myself.

It was an eternal spring in California for me — a time when I would be awakened to newfound awareness, insight, and understanding around my patterning relationally, my food habits, and the ways in which my soul wanted to soar… over and over again for two and a half years. A constant death and birth cycle … a rapid transformational time.

And what a cycle of purification. I’m talking juice and water fasts, hours of meditation, yoga and chanting per day, and clearing out and being with the pain and intensity of old patterns and ways of thinking. Sitting with my screaming ego. I was repurposing my soil, digging out the weeds, and making room for a rich new life to grow.

When did I know that it was time to nourish? 

When did I know I needed to stop cleansing? 

I reached the point when I knew that I was breaking out of my cocoon. I had the inner knowing and gut feeling that I needed something to shift in my life — and it was my environment. I needed to surround myself with land that brought life-giving water and four seasons for my body to rest and breathe from the intensity of the heat and smoke in California. I needed to feel a sense of togetherness and warmth from the people around me after being in such an inward and quiet space. And my body needed deep rest and rejuvenation as winter began.

And now spring says hello by popping up on the trees and emerging from the earth, and I’m feeling the cycle of purifying and nourishing coming back around. It’s time to let go of old beliefs, old grief and pain, and old habits that don’t serve our highest good anymore. It’s time to get serious about our health and our self care, and dedicate our time to clearing out our minds, bodies, and souls to prepare us for the fullness and beaming-out energy of summer.

So, I encourage you to drink some extra water, eat your greens, make time for sunshine and hikes, and listen deeply to the cues of your body to know if your body is craving some purifying energy or if it needs a rest. Attune to your inner world to give your best to those you love and your community.

Speaking of spring, our Earthaven Ecovillage in-person tours are now happening every weekend on Saturdays at 10 AM.

I invite you to attune to yourself and your needs … and allow Spring to be the inspiration you need in order to discover what it truly means to thrive.

Your spring-in-her-step friend,

Jillian xx

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Jill Lacasse

Jill is passionate about holistic embodied living in community. Mystic, Heart-led Poet, Meditator and Yogini, Song and Sound Carrier; her fascination lies in the continual expansion and awakening of consciousness through exploring her inner world and her relationships with others. She brings a warm, joyful, bold, and free spirit to her work, relationships, and spiritual life.

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