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Becoming a Father

by Andy Bosley

The tasks are many, and the time is scant. The urge to fit it all in flows hard against the need to develop rhythms with the new child.

The ideal vision is just over the edge, glimpsed for moments, bringing that deep sense of place, at other times seeming so distant that it causes deep doubt and despair.

When viewing the individual pieces of my life (parenting, relationship, farming, community, job, etc.), it makes little sense that I ended up in the situation I have.

As a whole, however, it makes complete sense, and I am grateful for the way it has come to be, especially the relationship with my new son and the community of mutual support that I have built up around me.

I’ve taken out my sharp-edged sword in order to cut away the things in life that don’t “pay off,” either energetically or monetarily. In this way, things are much simpler even in the face of the brand new challenge of integrating a child into a life on a farm in an intentional community, while both of us parents work part-time jobs to pay the bills.

Fortunately, it is winter, which allows us a little bit of a break to decide where we will take our farming endeavors next growing season. It will no doubt involve more participation from other folks in the community.

After all, that’s why we chose to start our farm here.

right: Andy and Forest take a much-needed nap.


Long-time member Andy Bosley and his partner Julie McMahan run Yellowroot Farm, a biodynamic and organic farm with pastured poultry and pork and a CSA. They live, farm and work at or near Earthaven.

Andy Bosley, biodynamic, farming, parenting, Yellowroot Farm

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