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Hut Hamlet Trampoline

Hut Hamlet Trampoline

A video by Will Rogers:

hht from will rogers on Vimeo.


Transcript of Hut Hamlet Trampoline

We assembld the HHT.

The Hut Hamlet Trampoline.

And we did not call on Aura, the seven year old boy most excited about the toy who lives in a house in the background.

Instead, we loaded the brand new thing with over a quarter ton of US!

Testing the 250 pound recommended maximum.

The thing held up wonderfully.

The thing made from fossil fuels and extracted metals will not last forever.

The same is true for all of us.

The villagers and the trampoline enjoy each other’s qualities for the present.

Which lasts forever in it’s own sort of way.

And the boy, Aura, comes running out of his house as soon as this video is over.

For now, we anticipate his arrival, ensuring the trampoline is ready for a dozen more kids his size.






trampoline, Will Rogers

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