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Documentary Night

by Suchi Lathrop

We have recently added a new regular activity – documentary night. We gather suggestions far and wide, which gives us a chance to learn what our community members are interested in, and then we gather to watch.

In our selection process we try to see things that are ‘meaningful’ and also mindful of the times we live in, in order to advance our understanding of current events. Further, we try to balance serious with interesting and fun. A little education AND a little amusement. This is what we have come up with so far:

  • On the lighter side – Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soap Box is a delightful look at the soap product we have become accustomed to, how it came to be and how it has evolved since the ‘hippies’ made it a big seller.
  • Life in a Day is a cross cultural look at life, especially how many people have good lives with little.
  • Kumare is a thoughtful look at transformation through a rather peculiar methodology.
  • Being an intentional community, we, of course, saw Wanderlust and in that same vein we will be seeing Random Lunacy, a look at a family’s very adventurous and fulfilling life on the fly as well as Choice Point, a young couple’s bicycle tour in search of community.
  • Happy is a highly recommended international look at what makes life satisfying.
  • On the more serious side we have seen Carl Sagan’s look at our precious earth in the last of a seven-part series, Who Speaks for Gaia?
  • Queen of the Sun, on the dangers of hive collapse, soon to be followed up with Vanishing of the Bees.
  • Zeitgeist Three; Moving Forward has been recommended but it is a bit long but not as depressing as one and two.
  • Life and Debt is a look at the manipulation of the poor by international banking.
  • On the savory side – Dirt, which contains some depressing parts and Botany of Desire, which  is a juicy look at the plant and human relationship.
  • On our ‘to watch list’ is Searching for Sugarman, The Gatekeepers, Favela Rising, Five Broken Cameras, Life after Life, Chasing Ice.


Suchi has been living at Earthaven since 2002. She resides at the Tribal Condo in the Hut Hamlet neighborhood. Suchi created the Peace Garden and has been a leader in social organizing. She is currently studying Nonviolent Communication, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and Zegg Forum. Everywhere she looks there are new opportunities to learn.

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