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Dancing Into Our 24th Year!


On Monday, September 11th, we turned 23 years young, managed a small parade in the wake of Hurricane Irma weather, and packed the White Owl for a community lunch and some good old socializing! Then on Saturday night, the 16th, nearby Celo-community-based gypsy jazz band Carpathian Spruce lit up the Council Hall with their wild and celebratory style, while friends and neighbors joined members for a whirl of a celebration!


Many changes lie ahead for Earthaven in 2017 and ’18, as most of our neighborhoods turn into linked, separately owned, residential parcels, and we pursue an updated way to manage our Village Center.

As you read this edition of our newsletter, please picture us thriving through the changing process and coming out feeling robust and ready to keep growing. It’s a big change from our original all-in-one vision and, though more complex in some ways, it may actually be a reasonable template for other groups considering coming together to protect land and nature.

Photos from top to bottom:

Birthday cake crafted by Tricia Baehr

Early Permaculture Design Class site map of the Earthaven neighborhood now known as Bellavia Gardens.

Determined members carry on the Founding Day parade tradition, in the wake of Hurricane Irma’s soggy weather.

below: Whirling away at Saturday night’s 23rd anniversary dance party.


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