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Earthaven Celebrates 15th Anniversary


Earthaven’s 15th anniversary celebration began with the Founders’ Dinner on Thursday, September 10, and continued with a parade and ceremony Friday afternoon, September 11.

Founders Paul Caron, Chuck Marsh, Lillah & Gary Schwartz, Michaeljon Druin, Sally & Randy Fraser, Bonita Luz, Gangotri, and Arjuna da Silver were honored guests for the dinner. Earthaven members, residents, and neighbors listened to their stories of the founding of Earthaven while enjoying a meal featuring food grown at Earthaven and prepared by Carmen Lescher and friends.
           The Founding Day parade and celebration used the analogy of our community as a flock of birds, each of us carrying part of the load and trading off leadership. Puppeteers from the Elkland Arts Center in Virginia helped create a large bird puppet, which led the parade.
           During the parade, marchers visited and blessed the Forest Garden Learning Center, Horn of Plenty field, Geoff and Debbie’s orchard, and the new bridge.
          After the parade we gathered at the Village Green for a ceremonial hack circle and recommitment ceremony. During the finale, 15 white homing pigeons were released from the center of the circle. The celebration ended with singing happy birthday songs to Earthaven and a trio of birthday cakes baked by Eli Swiftcreek.

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