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Everything is soooo green!

This view of the Village Green from Council Hall Plaza in May has lots to say about how much warmer and earlier Spring and Summer came this year. Still, it’s hard to complain about beautiful weather. Down on the Green, ball game lovers of all ages congregate on weekends and after potlucks for soccer or volleyball or for tossing corn sacks and frisbees. The courts move around to minimize wear and tear on our one big lawn for outdoor picnics and celebrations as the beautiful weather carries on.

Behind the camera in the shot of the Village Green (above), old-timers, new members and students have all worked side by side several times a week rebuilding paths, evolving the stone seating and gardens in the plaza outside Council Hall, and upgrading infrastructure for the outdoor dining scene.

At right, John and Juan Pablo wrestle the concrete bottom step into place at the entrance to the storage container kitchen. 

Sue Stone (below) continues to glorify the view with flower beds that practically glow!


Green is a color of the heart, where the green meme of caring and sharing presides. This season’s cusp from Spring into Summer, with its peak at Summer Solstice, has been showing us in dramatic ways how love can survive and spread through many years of community life, its promises, its challenges, and its rewards. May the blessings of Summer abound!

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