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Living Fences & Intergenerational Pruning at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcript from video: Courtney: What are y’all doing? Zev: Stone’s giving me a sawdust snack. Pruning. Courtney: What kind of tree is that? Stone: Ash. Ah it doesn’t taste like ash though. Courtney: Ash. Zev: And we’ve been pruning black locusts and mulberries and this is...

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Bio Char with Zev & Dimitri, at Earthaven Ecovillage

Dimitri: We’re at Earthaven Ecovillage with Zev Friedman in the Hut Hamlet neighborhood. We are now watering this char that’s made from bamboo in this Kon-tiki. Zev: Teensy micro Kon-tiki kiln, otherwise known as hickory nut pounding charcoal pounding vessel. Oh yeah..look at that beautiful...

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Converging Paths: the Carbon Harvest Program

  Have you ever heard of carbon trading or carbon markets? In our Converging Paths segment, we’ll learn about a fresh new take on this idea that will empower individuals, organizations, and farmers in Western North Carolina to take a different kind of environmental action. Co-operate WNC—a regional...

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