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Prevent Birds from Striking Windows – Update

We love our birds here at Earthaven Ecovillage. It can be heartbreaking when one crashes into the window because it sees the sky reflected there. Up to one billion birds die each year as a result of window collisions in the United States alone.

Since our earlier post, we have discovered several more good solutions. Our favorite involves using a paint pen to draw thin, white vertical lines on the outside of the window. The video above was taken through a window with these lines. Nearly invisible! And very effective. Here are detailed instructions.

We also had good luck with using vertical fishing line installed several inches away from the windows. This gives the birds a visual warning as well as a tactile one when they fly close enough for their wings to touch the lines. Details here.

Lots of folks also report that these window decals are very effective. Birds can see ultraviolet light that humans can’t, so the decals work well without blocking your view. CollidEscape also makes a number of guaranteed and high-performance products to prevent window strikes.

Let us know in the comments if you try any of these.

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