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Black Lives Matter – Resources to Heal our Communities

  Dear Earthaven Family, Awareness is at the core of community. Usually we write to you with inspiration to deepen connections to each other and the natural world. As a predominantly white community, we write to you today with a different awareness: Of our privilege, of the structures of institutionalized...

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Lessons from a Life in Community with Lee Warren

Earthaven Ecovillage Podcast Lessons from a Life in Community with Lee Warren Broadcast December 26, 2020Featuring: Lee Warren, Sara Carter In this episode, Earthaven member and School of Integrated Living co-founder Lee Warren shares what she has learned living in community for 27 years. Lee ...

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Aspiring to the Working Class

Excerpted from Communities Magazine (Sept. 2012) One-hundred-fifty years ago, 90 percent of people on earth were farmers. This meant that every person in every family knew how to survive. Men and women knew how to work a field, fix tools, build a house, feed themselves. They knew how to raise animals,...

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