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The New LEAP Directory

by Michael Whitmire


The LEAP is Earthaven’s complementary currency note.

In order to find out who within the community accepts LEAPS for payments (towards goods and services), we created a directory.

Recently I decided to create the directory as a shared, online document so that anyone with the link can view and edit it. This meshes with my values of open-source collaboration and public contribution.

We decided to expand the directory to include leaps, dollars, trade, barter, and gift—essentially, anything anyone wants to sell, trade, or offer.

My own entry lists “Macintosh computer consulting services for a sliding scale of dollars or leaps with the option to negotiate other trades.”

I am anticipating adding a “Wanted” section as well. My hopes are that this format will take some of the burden of updating the directory off of a central “manager” and spread it out over those who will benefit from the listing service.

I am also hoping this directory can connect the ecovillage to local neighborhoods, the larger rural area, and to our extended community of alumni, ex-residents, and friends of the ecovillage, wherever they may be on the globe.


Michael Whitmire has lived at Earthaven a total of three years. His interests include organic farming, loving people and nature, talking with folks one-on-one, his daughter and family, the Mankind Project, community networking, and Gaian metaphysics. His plans are nebulous and razor sharp at once, depending on factors still being uncovered.


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