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The Geminis

It’s not all work, work, work at Earthaven, no matter what folks tell you. And I don’t just mean meetings!

Used to be we had Virgo/Libra parties every year thanks to Brandon and Turtle and friends. The highlight of those parties was the sushi. Smack your lips if you remember!

Nowadays there are the Gemini parties on Hut Terrace Road, a Saturday night in May or June when, as the day dims and the night comes on, members dress up in their “Alter Egos” (or, for some, “Halter Egos”), to poke fun at the reputation folks born under this sign have for being a bit, um, bifurcated in the personality zone.

Here are a couple of the best characters for Gemini 2011:

Jack & Splenda, the ‘Alter Egos’ of two Earthaven members.

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