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Our Future Men

Lots of babies have been born at Earthaven or to neighbors lately with the large majority of them being boys. We welcome them to our village and eagerly await who they will become.

These photos were captured by eli at a playgroup get-together at the Council Hall (except for photos of Forest and Heron which were sent on by their respective moms.)


son of Tom and Johanna, was born February 2010.


son of Chad and Renee, was born

October 2009.


son of Tiffany and Temple, is 3 and a half.


son of Peggy and Otter, was born December 2009.


son of eli and Jonathan was born March 2011.


son of Mana and Johnny was born  November 2010.


The newest arrival:



son of Julie and Andy (of Yellowroot Farm fame) was born in August of this year.

He can often be seen around the village carried on the front of mom or dad.

Welcome Forest.

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