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Earthaven Turns 22!

Earthaven celebrated our 22nd birthday on September 11th. We held a community-wide check-in, giving new and long-term members a special opportunity to sit together in a big circle, catch up with each other and touch hearts.

The annual parade down Another Way stopped to celebrate completion of the stone-and-crystal side walls built on the Second Bridge by Travis and Gaspar. Birthday cake at the White Owl and, for many who didn’t know Founder Valerie Naiman, her fascinating story of life on the way to Earthaven and beyond

Reflecting on these 22 years, members offered these sentiments and wishes:

A Great Dream

Dear Earthaven,

I remember conversations of the dream of you before you were born. From the news of your birth I packed my bags to live closer.  I have been nourished deeply as I’ve witnessed the ups and downs of your growing maturity, and a freedom that has a life of its own. I give thanks for your influence on my life and am forever grateful to be a member of the tribe.                                               Love, Tara


The Joy of Participation

Earthaven is the place where my dreams about community have been coming true in community, full of delicious gifts and profound challenges to my way of living and being. What a blessing!   ~ Arjuna

(left) Tara and Arjuna, friends since ’97.


Commitment to Vision

Living at Earthaven 22 years ago, in a 1967 Airstream, when there was only a dilapidated hunting cabin and an outhouse, was a commitment to vision. Members began to camp and we built a tiny prototype Council Hall with a post & beam yurt frame, and an iron ring for the center of the roof symbolizing our union. Last year the community disassembled the old frame and mud walls, and I was thrilled and grateful to be presented with the ring on Founding Day this year. The ring and I both have a few dents and rough spots, but are strong and re-purposing. ~ Valerie

(right) Valerie gets her ring back on Founding Day.

Arjuna da Silva, birthday, founding day, Tara, Valerie, White Owl

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As our lives have become more complicated and organized around technological advances, our health has faltered. This series will look at how interlinked the health of our bodies is with the health of Gaia, and the ways in which genuine healing can address both.


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May 27-30, 2022

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