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Twenty-Twelve And All That Jazz

by Arjuna da Silva

Here’s what’s most exciting to me in the talk about 2012: the ancient stories are in step with results of scientific research and measurement!

These correlations may not be getting into the major newspapers or on the radio, but that doesn’t make them any less true.

Many scientists now understand that there are geometric, spiraling, interconnected rotational movements of energy from the atomic to the intergalactic, everywhere. Everywhere!

As Earth approaches the evolutionary peak that, according to the fossil record, occurs every 25 to 26 thousand years (and is anticipated between 2012 and 2014), it’s interesting to ask…..

Is it time yet for us all to evolve to a more life-affirming condition as human beings

Our body-minds may be in an evolutionary shift that could activate perceptual powers in us, allowing intuitive, direct experience of life to gain precedence over our generally abstract and mental approach.

One thing seems especially possible: as we build our skill base in so many ways at Earthaven, each of us doing what we can, we also build a non-physical energetic grid that could help boost our evolutionary potential.

In our ecovillage, if we can maintain the view that challenges give us opportunities to offer and receive guidance, understanding and support from each other and from our mentors, we are likely to mature as connected beings, more ready than not for the unexpected and the unbelievable!


The images in this article are by artist Ryan O’Sullivan, who currently lives at Earthaven on a natural building internship. Ryan has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. His fine art portfolio can be viewed here and his cosmic paintings under the name Black Wolf can be viewed here.



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