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Tag: bamboo shoots

Eating Bamboo Shoots with Esme at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcript from video: Eme: Taking video of me peeling my bamboo shoots? Courtney Brooke: Yeah what are you doing Esme? Esme: Peeling a bamboo shoot! Courtney Brooke: What are you gonna do with that bamboo shoot? Esme: Eat it! Courtney Brooke: What? You can eat bamboo shoots? Esme: Yes! Courtney...

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Lessons in Bamboo: Love it but Don’t Leave it Alone

by Arjuna da Silva Previous owners gifted Earthaven’s main street with a healthy stand of bamboo that’s now prolific near the Forest Garden Learning Center. Early Earthaven members added additional stands around the community. What a beautiful and useful plant (we thought)! Bamboo IS beautiful. AND...

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