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Tag: Berries

Rainy Day Commute at Earthaven Ecovillage with Courtney Brooke

(Transcript) Courtney Brooke: One of the things I most love about living at Earthhaven is my commute to work a lot of times is you know a five-minute walk or a three minute walk. Today it happens to be a three-minute walk in the rain. Which is so nice and one of the other things that I love so much...

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Doing the Forest Inventory, by Alice Henry

It’s a dance of sorts. It starts in a circle, holding hands. There’s a break, for talking. Then there are the reels through the woods, discovering the way the forest grows. It’s also a future legend that starts like this. Once upon a time Earthaven hired a forester, Shawn Swartz (who used to be a...

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Coffee Hour Market

Coffee Hour was started by Earthaven member Suchi in the summer of 2009. She was looking for a way to increase social opportunities and support the village economy. One picnic table outside the Trading Post held the coffee, tea, muffins, goods for trade–and all of us. Every Tuesday morning...

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Local Food All Winter

Tomatoes! Garlic! Chicken Stock! And that’s just the beginning   The author, Eli, here with cheese squash. At the Village Terraces common kitchen we haven’t stopped eating a diet based on local foods just because it’s February.  In fact, we’re practically swimming in foods from our farm, Imani, other...

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