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Life in Community with Steve Torma

Earthaven Ecovillage Podcast Life in Community with Steve Torma Broadcast December 7, 2020Featuring: Steve Torma, Eric Wolf In this episode, Earthaven member and SOIL Faculty member Steve Torma discusses his life in community, starting with growing up in a large family, creating an intentional...

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Missing Finch

Lee “Finch” Finks passed away on June 20, after several years of declining health. He was 80. He joined Earthaven in 2006 after retiring from a career as librarian and then professor of library science. He will be remembered for his warm, friendly manner; his love for family and friends; and his...

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VT Gets a Solar Upgrade

by Bob Lienhart Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood just completed a multi-faceted upgrade to their power, heating, and domestic hot water (DHW) systems and the neighborhood is now enjoying the results. Domestic hot water for the main building had been provided by a wood-burning stove. The system...

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Calf Adoption – A Surprising Success by Liz Diaz

LC (Large Cow) By Liz Diaz The harsh truth about milk is that it was made by a mother for a baby.  We take the baby cows away early in order to get the milk and in exchange offer care and food in other forms. L.C. (Large Cow) has been bred 4 times, four years in a row, so that we may continue to have...

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