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Tag: Paul Caron

What Earthaven is All About… For Me with Paul Caron

Earthaven Ecovillage Podcast What Earthaven is All About… for Me with  Paul Caron Released June 28, 2021Featuring: Paul Caron and Diana Leafe Christian In this podcast, Earthaven co-founder and village philosopher Paul Caron shares how he got involved with the other Earthaven founders,...

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The Lumber Yard Gets a Design Upgrade at Earthaven Ecovillage

Transcript from Video: Paul: Then the trailer is going to be over in there next to the tree. Zev: Oh, OK, Good. Paul: So, Yeah, if this is sloped enough, there will never be any wet pools. Zev: Yeah, it looks kind of like there needs to be a little more digging out right through here to get a little...

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The Candle Factory at Earthaven Ecovillage

(Transcript from video) Paul: You can see how it shrinks down. This one here didn’t. The thin ones don’t shrink down so much, the deeper ones do. Courtney Brooke: What are you all doing? Paul: We’re talking about candles wax behavior. Courtney Brooke: Wow! Look at that candle. Paul:...

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The Hut Hamlet Neighborhood at Earthaven Ecovillage. An Origin Story.

Transcript from video Paul: I’m Paul Caron and I’m a resident of the Earthaven neighborhood which is called the Hut Hamlet The reason why it’s called the Hut Hamlet… It was originally called the neotribal village, there’s a story behind all that that I’m not gonna tell right...

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Paul Caron: The Three Things I Love about Earthaven Ecovillage

Courtney Brooke: All right Paul, what are the three things you most love about living at Earthhaven? Paul Caron: Well, this is going to be a kind of a unique answer because  my relationship to Earthaven is different from other people in that I’ve been visioning and working towards this situation...

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Paul Caron on the System of Exploitation and the Nature of Happiness

Earthaven has many philosophers. We’re awash with abundance when it comes to theories of the industrial complex, natural systems, and know-it-all opinions on just about everything. If we took a vote on the “Most Likely to Philosophize,” it’d be a close race. But one of the...

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Village Arts Building Takes Shape and You Can Help Too!

by Arjuna da Silva, Earthaven Founder and natural building enthusiast An exciting development on Another Way this year has been the slow but steady progress on the Village Arts Building (VAB). Located right before the entrance to Useful Plants Nursery and the Third Creek Crossing, the VAB is the...

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Village Arts Building – It’s a Sign!

Growing a community from the forest forward happens on so many levels. Creating decision-making protocols and gaining skill with them; discovering the lay of the land and working out site plans; developing infrastructure and sources of funding. Living with each other and deepening our connections....

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Council Hall Completion Campaign – Moving Ahead to Phase Three: We Need Your Help!

This fall we want to complete the Council Hall. We have a plan and most of the funding, but need to raise a little more money. We are all into the wisdom of ecological sustainability and intentional community, and creating a partnership culture — but it takes a lot of hard work and cash to get there....

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