Harvest Time Photo Tour

August is a busy harvest month at Earthaven. Abundance (and labor) abounds.




About Lee
Lee Warren is a long-time communitarian, homesteader, food activist, writer, and Earthaven member since 2001. She is a founding member of the Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood and a manager/owner of Imani Farm, and organic and pastured-based homestead farm. She is co-director and co-founder of School of Integrated Living (SOIL) which offers Farm & Ecovillage Immersions focused on regenerative systems, organic food production, and community living. Equally impassioned about women’s empowerment, conscious relationship, and social justice, Lee is part of a team of women who organize the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference each fall.


  1. Ronnie Grimes-Premo says:

    I have just discovered Earthaven online and am hoping to see more blog posts soon???!!!! I am absolutely fascinated with you guys and have shared with a few friends and my husband. I am very interested in coming for a tour sometime in 2015!

  2. Michael myers says:

    Love to come and work with you and like minds to visit and share on monday or tuseday missed sat. tour had to work at last minute..thank you ..

  3. I was so happy to be part of a tour led by River Otter earlier this week. I was/am awestruck by the wonderful accomplishments of this community and the ongoing commitment and drive to live according to their values. I saw firsthand the impressive hydro-electric energy system alongside the growing number of solar arrays that this community uses to harness and re-direct the energy that nature makes available for their careful storage and conscientious use. I am humbled by this prodigious effort and hopeful for what humanity can accomplish when we believe that our lives and our global fate depend upon this kind of massive re-tooling of our lifestyles.

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